The Barrel Broker is a committed GREEN recycling company which reuses white oak barrels (wine and spirit), barrel racks, silicone/wood bungs and other barrel accessories from the best wineries and distilleries for wine making, brewing beer, wood working, furniture making, display and other purposes.


    We also cut used whole barrels into barrel planters for planting, gardening, fountains, ponds, coolers, etc. We’ll cut a barrel to any size for your needs. You can buy barrel staves, heads, wine-soaked oak for grilling/smoking and metal bands as well. We recycle and reuse the entire barrel so nothing wasted!


    As a barrel broker, we can source those hard to find barrels for your specific needs from the best Northern California wineries located in Napa and Sonoma counties. We source bourbon, whiskey and rye barrels from reputable providers in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and others.