AboutJohn (24K)Chief Barrel Guy: John Gill in The "Barrel Cellar"
   The "Barrel Broker" was founded in March of 2009 while founder John Gill was working as a wine tour guide and tour operator owner with Escape Travel Tours offering custom wine country tours at California’s finest wineries. While engaging with 100’s of wine makers and cellar masters over 10 years, John saw the need for obtaining reliable high quality used wine barrels from sources he could trust. After 10 years of working in the wine industry, John decided to fill the void of a lack of quality used wine barrels and created The "Barrel Broker" to reuse and recycle used wine barrels still suitable for wine storage, aging and other creative uses.

   By harvest in its first year, The "Barrel Broker" barrel brokerage had captured the attention of home wine makers, boutique to medium size wineries, retailers, hardware stores and individuals throughout the United States who recognized the value of buying top quality used wine barrels and accessories from a reputable and reliable source.

Cheers to going green with recycled wine barrels,

John Gill
Chief Barrel Guy
The "Barrel Broker"
Purveyor of Quality Used Wine/Spirit Barrels & Racks