Planter Barrels & Accessories Click here for Inventory List

We continuously update our inventory as new product comes in. Please click on the link above to view the current list. Go to "Request Quote" to receive a customized quote that includes your specific product, quantity and shipping cost.

59/60 Gal Whole Barrels wholebarrel (2K)
59/60 Gal Premium Whole Barrels wholebarrel (2K)
70 Gal Whole Barrel photo soon
1/2 barrel Planters halfbarrel (1K)
1/4 barrel planters QuarterBarrel (2K)
2/3 barrel planters TwoThirdBarrel (1K)
1/3 barrel Planters OneThirdBarrel (1K)
3/4 barrel planters ThreeQuarterBarrel (2K)
Barrel Heads Barrelhead (1K)
Metal Bands (min 4)Barrelhead (1K)
Oak Wood Chunks (3 x 6in)Oakwood (1K)
Barrel Inserts 2 x 30inBarrelInserts (2K)
Recycling Barrel with handle lid ComposterBarrelWLid (1K)
Garbage Barrel with handle lid ComposterBarrelWLid (1K)
Composter barrel with handle lid ComposterBarrelWLid (1K)
Rainwater Recycling Barrels Picture coming soon.
Storage Bin Whole Barrel w/lid handleGarbageRecyclingBarrel (1K)
Wine Barrel Staves (27-33 staves) 37in long x 2-4in wideWine Barrel Staves
Variety of small Spirit Barrels 5/15/30gl. Call for inventory. 

*All wine & spirit barrels ship ground freight 1-6 bus days to all continental US states and Canada for approx. $60- $180 for 1 barrel. Please call or email for a quote. Lift gate $40 extra.  Call for multiple barrel orders and all cut barrels shipping prices.  Planter barrels include a clean straight cut, 5 inch drainage holes and we'll load it into your vehicle or deliver to your location of choice. Local delivery includes delivery to your backyard if desired.

All whole wine barrels ship ground freight 1-5 bus days to all continental US states. Please email for a custom delivery quote.

For shipping/delivery quotes, please provide us: Company name, phone, contact name, quantity and type of barrels, ship/bill to address (home or business), if you'll need a lift gate or if you have a fork lift on site and can a 53' tractor trailer truck access your location.