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After 17 yearsin business as a industry leader, we've had our fair share of press. Check out some of the stories below and you'll get a good feel for our family-owned operation.

 When craft brewers need barrels to age their beer, they go to the Barrel Broker in Menomonee Falls

"Meet the Barrel Broker" SipMilwaukee Interview:


“Our Marquette wine, 100% aged in The Barrel Brokers Barrels, won “Best of Class Dry Red” at the Michigan State Wine Competition!”
Youngblood Vineyard • Ray, Michigan


2019 Lakefront Brewery Barrel Aging Testimonial:


Tap Takeover Episode #66

Come join the Tap Takeover Podcast as we sit down for a special barrel-aged beer episode with the Barrel Broker, John Gill. Barrel aging of beers has grown significantly in recent years and John supplies over 90% of the barrels and racks in the Milwaukee area. He has also shipped product to all 50 states and around the world. We enjoy a few barrel aged beers as John tells us about the variety of Spirit and Wine barrels he supplies and what makes for a good barrel. Grab a pint of your favorite barrel aged beer and listen in. It’s a beautiful thing!


"The Thirst for Crafted Hooch is Fueling a Coopering Revival"

“There was a time when storage space was worth more than empty barrels,” says John Gill, the “chief barrel guy” at the Barrel Broker in Mequon, Wis. “Now we all have to fight for them."

Meet the "Barrel Broker" - The Man Behind Most of MKE's Barrel-Aged Beers

Barrel aging requires a base beer and, well, plenty of barrels provided by Gill. He supplies the overwhelming majority of the oaken vessels used locally.

"The Barrel Broker Rolls Out the Barrels in Mequon"

According to Gill, you get "30 to 35 months of oak flavoring from a new barrel." Two Wisconsin breweries that have put his barrels to good use are Leinenkugel and Lakefront Brewery.


Family-Owned and Trusted

Our philosophy is simple - focus on relationships and quality.

For the past 11 years, what has set our barrel operation apart from the competition is our focus on building long-lasting, partnership-based relationships with everyone that buys our barrels. These relationships are founded on consistently delivering the highest quality barrels and accessories available.